Friday, December 28, 2012

Walking and Turning

Oliver is growing up so fast and doing new things every day! He is so adorable. Last week I wrote down on a piece of paper what things were new and I was worried that I would lose the paper so I'm writing it on here.

New things:
A few weeks ago- Moving his head back and forth, sucking his hands all the time, likes talking to us when we talk to him
Last week- He liked being read to, started standing up when you try to sit him down (especially when you are putting him in the car seat or on your lap right after he eats), was having his own conversation with is cousin Carson- Carson would talk, and then Oliver would and back and forth.
This week- Yesterday he walked (with my help, but he moved his own legs) across his blanket twice, and today he rolled over by himself for the first time!

It is awesome to see how quickly he is learning. I have some new cute videos, but I just haven't taken them off the camera yet.

Two weeks ago we went and took some family pictures with my new camera and got a few cute shots.

Poor Oliver was pretty cold.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Santa and his elf are getting ready to deliver presents tonight.

 Oliver generally starts to fall asleep by the end of each photo shoot that we do.

 We took family pictures and they turned out pretty good. I included three here though so you can choose your favorite.

 We finally got the three babies together and took a lot of pictures. They are pretty cute together.


 Oliver is punching Rosy in the face.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa Shrunk?

I decided that for the first year we will take a new picture each month so that we can see how Oliver grows! Here are the first two months. He looks like he is growing to me!

Christmas clothes have been all over this house lately. Eric loves wearing that Santa hat, but Oliver wears it best, as you'll see at the end of this post.
He was born loving football, just like his daddy.
He has been holding his head up so well lately during tummy time.
Here comes Santa Clause!

I'd have to say that he is the cutest Santa that I have ever seen!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Funny Faces

(This is a long post, but I'm trying to make sure that everyone who hasn't seen him yet feels like they know who he is (Basically everyone in my family except Wendy and my parents))
The first video is of Eric and Oliver on a Saturday morning. The second video shows how well he can hold up his head and the third shows how he feels about taking vitamins-at the end of the post (when I remember to give them to him).

This little boy is full of funny faces and as of late he will smile when you try to get him to smile. It is so adorable. He also likes to lay in my arms with his feet facing me, head in my hands and he just turns his head back and forth with full rotation pausing for 3-5 seconds on each side. It is pretty cute. He is also getting really good at holding his head up by himself.
He was good for a little while at sleeping on his own, but is back to only sleeping on our laps during the day. Luckily he still sleeps great during the night.
I have tons of cute pictures so I will throw them on here too.

Oh some other things, he had his two month appointment this week and so we got some stats. Last week I had to take him into the Dr to see about getting his tongue tie fixed and they weighed him and he was 11 lb 1 oz. I think he had a growth spurt that week because he was eating a ton. I took him in 1 week later for his 2 month and he was 11 lb 14 oz! He gained 13 oz in 1 week! So he is now
11 lb 14 oz- 70th percentile
length 22 inches- 70th percentile

 Ok, so first are the cute and funny faces.

This one tops them all! 
Next, I put on his pj's dress that I put on him when he first came home and it was amazing how differently it fit. So first are some pictures of when he was three days old, and then a bunch when he is 6 weeks old. It is huge on him at first and then tight and short later.


 Here he is for the first time in BYU gear.
 This outfit is cute.
 During Thankgiving break I took a nice long nap and when I woke up I thought "wow that was a long nap! Oliver must be starving!" Then I looked all over the house and I finally found him with Eric sleeping sitting up in this chair. It was too cute to not take a picture.

 Here he is in the cute pumpkin hat that Marci made for him. It doesn't really fit his head anymore so I thought I'd better take a picture while I could.

 We tried to take a family picture. It took several tries because he isn't big enough to look over Eric's knee and it kept covering him.

 Once we figured that out we got a pretty cute picture.
 A few Saturdays ago he woke up nice and early but I couldn't go back to sleep and wanted to do some things so I brought him into Eric. I was sure he hadn't gone back to sleep but when I went in they were both sleeping soundly. Eric woke up shortly after that though due to his arm falling asleep since it was Oliver's pillow.

 Oliver is just chilling while Eric takes a break and plays a video game.
 He looked really cute in his jacket. Thanks Carol!

 The other day I needed to run to the store but had already been several times that day and couldn't bear hauling the carseat around again. So I called Natalie and she came over and watched Oliver while I ran my errands. I left and forgot my keys, and when I came back in they were just sitting there so cute together so I had to snap a picture.
He was tiny the first time she came over to see him. (Below)

Suzanne (the one holding Oliver) also came over yesterday to watch him for me while I finished up some work. It was so nice of her and I forgot to take a picture, but he is definitely bigger now! In fact I put on his jacket that goes with these pants the other day because I love the jacket and it looked like a muscle shirt, so I had to take it off.

We got some funny footage of faces when he is getting his diaper changed. But these next three just show his tie dyed onesie that I made for him. And how cute he is with his daddy.

 He really loves to ride in the stroller and it looks like it fits him now.

 And we have tried the bumbo several times, but he hasn't liked it at all. Yesterday I put him in it and he sat it in for a good 8 minutes before he didn't like it anymore. He was great at holding his head and looking around.

Bonus Video! You are sure to laugh when you watch this- well if you like potty humor that is.