Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day: the only holiday I know of where you can taste homemade butter and throw a hatchet. We went to the Provo Pioneer Day Extravaganza at the park by Veteran Memorial's Pool; there were plenty of activities going on that we got pictures of to help us remember the pioneers crossing the plains to settle Utah so the Jazz could play here.
 There was a petting zoo where Debbie could pretend she was a giant next to the miniature pony.

They didn't want me to touch the coffin so I just did my best Edward impression outside of it.

This is where the pioneers put their corn to dry it up. It is also where Debbie's stomach started growling.
Pushing through my education.
Dutch oven peach cobbler.
Sifting for gold doesn't work as well using pie pans.
Free cherry pie is the best cherry pie.
As a bonus, Debbie fixed our mirror. It looks great now: she added the frame around it, cutting the wood and putting a nice finish on it herself.

Bonus: watch out, scarce animals of the American Plains. We know how to hatchet.