Sunday, August 5, 2012

Belly Update

Well, here are some belly pics with the weeks. I don't feel like I have changed all that much in the last few weeks. I'm still measuring two weeks ahead, (have been since week 22) but the doctor says all that means is a big baby. And excuse the first picture. That was the first side picture we took and I wasn't feeling so good and didn't really think about how I looked.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hot or Not?

So possibly some of you may think that my job is glamorous. So I though I would let you decide for yourself.

This is me after 4 days of working outdoors in the mountains of Scipio. Hot or Not?

Well, I would have to say Not. After we got back to Provo I needed to grab something at the bookstore and boy was it embarrassing to be walking around in public like this. If you zoom in on the first picture you will see the intense markings on my shirt. I would pour water down my neck to keep cool and it definitely left some water marks. Added with the funky hairstyle I'd say people might think I'm a candidate for "What Not to Wear".

But all in all, I am extremely happy to say that this was my last week in the field and only at 30 weeks pregnant.