Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Own Little Beethoven

Well Oliver is crawling almost as fast as we can walk now, but his real exciting trick is that he can play the harmonica. I taught him how to blow a whistle. That turned into him blowing a pitch pipe, so I got him a harmonica as a present. Now the three objects just lay on the floor and he goes around blowing each in turn. It is really cute. He sure is developing a pair of lungs!

We have taken some really cute pictures the last few days, so here they are.

He doesn't do it as much anymore, but he loves to stick this duck in his mouth and crawl around.  We get some cute faces and some crazy ones!

 Standing up in his crib like always.

 Our little baby is growing up! And getting so long.

Look at these next pictures and tell me my baby is not a happy baby.

 Working on quilting Wendy's baby quilt. Boy my fingertips are hurting.

 Here is the quilt that I just finished to be Oliver's special blanket.

 This is the special picture for grandma. Doing the necessary horse training. Gotta be on the  horse lover side.
 Lately each morning and randomly he has been trying to whistle. He has been successful too. I don't think I learned to whistle until I was about 5.
 Always on his toes.
 Standing up everywhere.

And here are two cute videos. Don't skip out on watching them!