Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Swimming Fun Documented!

Hot model Eric!!!

 Oliver really loves swimming, to the point that we really have to watch him every second because sometimes he just goes in on his own. But he is always happy, even when he gets water up his nose.
 I've been dying to see what Oliver looks like underwater and now we all know together. Such a cutie and so good at holding his breath!


 25 weeks pregnant

Monday, July 28, 2014


We took a quick little trip up to Savannah and Oliver had the time of his life (although he didn't enjoy the drive either direction). He loved that all the toys were exactly what he loved (trains, balls, slides, and tricycles). And he fell in love with Spencer's frog rain boots.
We went to a Pioneer day breakfast at the church. As we were hanging around before we left he found the Primary room and went up to the podium and kept saying "Father, Amen". This kid is good at saying prayers!
We also went on the boat and out to look for sharks teeth. We only found a few small ones this time but it was still fun. Wendy, Daniel and Ruth were visiting too. Oliver fell asleep on the way to the island and woke up for the ride back to the marina. He was very content to just sit on laps and relax.
After the boat trip he found these two gems in the garage. He somehow learned who Spiderman is and loved this Spiderman helmet. He could have ridden this tricycle all day long.

Visit from Caleb and Becky

It looks like these pictures are in reverse order, but you can get the jist this way too. These pictures are from Becky. She was awesome and took lots of pictures.
As they were headed for the airport to go home, there were lots of hugs. Oliver wasn't so sure about them after a while, but Carson was all for it.
We spent a lot of time at the beach.
I think this one is my favorite picture.
We also took them to Blue Springs. The water was chilly but crystal clear and beautiful. We wish we could have stayed a little longer.
We also went over to Daytona beach.
And I guess that sums up the trip. A lot of swimming, burgers, fries, and laughs.
Thanks for coming!