Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chickens and Other new things

Well, if you start to scroll through, you'll notice that we got baby chickens! They are so adorable. Oliver cannot get enough of them. Luckily Teddy forgets that they exist until we go outside. He is the one I have to watch. He is really good at catching them and likes to pick them up and place them on top of the water and food feeders and watch them jump down. Oliver has mastered picking them up and holding them. I like that I can put out food and it lasts several days. Low maintenance animals are the way to go!

Chickens are a new adventure for us. We didn't know how many to get, so we settled on 7. I still need to finish the chicken coop, but I still have time since these will need to stay in the box in the garage for up to 8 weeks. That gives me time to perfect my coop and fill in holes in the fence.

These are the breeds we got. They are all different, but since I forgot to check as they put them in the box, I can only identify two of them at the moment. As they get older we should be able to identify them more since they will all look different. Below is a breakdown chart of what we got. The speckled sussex is the only uncommon breed, the rest are all common.
Egg color
# of eggs
Egg size
Winter layer
Cold Tolerance
Kid Friendly
Sussex (speckled)
7 lbs
Creamy to light brown
Rhode Island Red
6.5 lbs
Rich medium brown
Prolific (6/week)
Above average
Heat and cold hardy
Buff Orphington
8 lbs
Very good
Average to Above Average
Calm and Friendly
Barred Rock
7.5 lbs
Light (pinkish) to medium brown
Very good
Above average
Very cold hardy

6.5 lbs
Very good

Very cold hardy

Black Sex-Link
6.5 lbs
Prolific (250/yr)
Above average

Cold Hardy

Red Sex-Link

Cold Hardy

 This black one right here is definitely the youngest. It barely even has wings, they are so small. And it still has a piece of shell stuck to it's fluff. No name yet.

 It didn't occur to me, but these are brand new babies and just like humans, they like to sleep all the time! It is so funny because they just fall asleep in the funniest positions! The first day I kept waking them up because they looked dead. But they were just asleep with their legs twisted and laying on top of each other. This one below doesn't have a name yet, but she is the light brown one with shorter wings.

 This one is the biggest of them all (Below). I think she must be at least a week older than the others because she already has tail feathers and her wings are way longer than the others. This has earned her the name of Pidgeotto (A bird type Pokemon).

 This one doesn't have a name yet (Below), but she has longer wings than the other black one.
 This one is Oliver and my favorite. Her name is Bulbasaur. This is one of the only ones that I can remember what kind she is. She is a Speckled Sussex. She will be a prolific egg layer of average size eggs and very cold hard. This one is kid friendly and I could only identify this one because she is the "smart one". The babies in her cage kept squeezing out and Oliver insisted that we get a smart one, even though I thought it would be better not to have chickens that think too much. She was 50 cents more than the others. We were going to only get 6, because they had 6 different kinds that were only $2.99, but we splurged on her. I think she is really pretty. And it is nice to be able to easily identify at least one of them.

 This one doesn't have a name yet. But she has shorter wings than the other light brown one.
 This one is Jigglypuff. You can tell her apart from the other black ones because she has a spot on her head.
 This golden one was named by Eric. McChicken. She is a Buff Orphington. She will get the biggest.
 Eric got a new job, so we needed to get a second car. This is our new Nissan Sentra 2006. It does the job! Good gas mileage. Eric will be working in West Valley, about a 35 minute drive. No more getting to ride the train, but we are both excited for him to try something new. He will be working at Granger Medical as something like the Advertising person. I keep forgetting the official name.
 And last of all, I finally fixed the sink downstairs. The person who put in this sink did not seal the wood. Although it looked very antiqued, it also had a ton of water stains. The previous owners had put a piece of tile on it to make a section OK to have wet things on it. So I copied that for a while. But then I figured, why? Let's make it prettier AND waterproof. So this week I took off the sink and sealed just the top part so that it is waterproof and water stain-less. It looks much better now.
 Oliver is in love with these baby chickens. They really are so adorable. He holds them whenever he can! They will be well trained! (I hope)
Also, yesterday we bought a new shed. They'll contact me this week to schedule coming and building it. I'll have to paint it myself. But Im really excited about not having to build it myself.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Teddy's haircut

Teddy got a haircut. It was always falling limp on his forehead and only looked good half the time. Although I loved his white locks, I think this hairdo will be much easier to maintain. Oliver's hair is pretty crazy right now too, but he wants to keep it long for a bit longer, so we'll try that out.

Friday, January 27, 2017

New hobby

I started a new hobby. I now sell Lipsense for fun. Lipsense is a lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours without ever rubbing off. You can touch your lips all that you want and it stays put. And it comes in really pretty colors. The other day I put some on and it lasted 24 hours! I'm excited to have all the lipstick I could ever want!


Treehouse Museum

The third day that Ruthie was here, we went to the treehouse children's museum. We love this museum. It is basically just full of toys from all over the world and different time periods to play with. And since we haven't been there for a good 6 months, it was so fun. We stayed for 3 hours, but I know the kids could have stayed for another 2 if we hadn't had to leave because of being in two hour parking. Their favorite part was the babies. We stayed there for a good 45 minutes in this section with each kid taking care of their own baby. Wrapping them up, changing their diaper and rocking them. It was really cute. There was a week where Oliver would tell me every day "when the baby girl comes out of your stomach, we'll name her Misty". Misty is the girl in Pokemon. Also, I'm not pregnant. But he will come over and pat my belly and say "your belly is looking so round. I'm excited for the baby girl to come out". Obviously Oliver wants a baby sister.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Felt Pokemon

One day Oliver just kept asking for a new Pokemon named Dedenne. I kept asking how he was going to get it and he'd say, you are going to make it! So I finally found the energy to try it out. Now we have a Dedenne and a Pokedex.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!

So this year we didn't get anywhere close to getting family pictures taken, so I decided that our Christmas picture could be very simple and display the cute ornaments that I have spent way too much time making. Oliver is in love with Pokemon, so what started as making 3 Pokemon ornaments turned into 16 Pokemon ornaments and 8 other random ornaments, plus another 14 to give away as gifts. Whoo. But they are pretty cute. You'll notice in these pictures that these boys have the craziest smiles, if you can even call them that. They look so cute posing since they are saying over and over "cheese and bacon" and "cheese and hamburgers", but the pictures seem to only catch the crazy parts of the phrase. Oh well.


 Teddy and Oliver also had dentist appointments. Oliver did great as usual. I've never had a problem with him. But it was Teddy's first one, and although he looks like he cooperated great, he didn't. He was wiggling all over the place and only let them look in his mouth for a total of 2 seconds. He needs a frenulectomy though, so I  wanted to bring him in to make sure that he really needed one. The little thing that connects your top lip to the gum needs a little bit of laser trimming. Which of course he'll need anesthesia to do. They said we should get it done before he turns 5 to keep from having a permanent gap between his front two teeth since the skin thing goes all the way between his teeth.


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fall and Winter

Remember last year when I posted about all the leaves falling off of our big tree all on the same day? Well, it happened again. So fun to go out and have so many leaves to play in. It really is a kids dream.