Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Snow time with Floridians

 On Monday we went up to the solitude ski resort to hang out with our Florida visitors,  my brother Joe and his family.  The boys had so much fun plaguing with cousins and were devastated when they only could stay at our house for one night.  So it was fun to get one more evening with them playing in the snow. 

Also,  I'm now 30 weeks. 

Curiosity Museum

Today we went to the curiosity museum at thanksgiving point with some friends.  It is such a Fun place to explore and try out new activities. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Portrait Redo

I decided to redo the portraits because Oliver's head looked pretty coney with that last one.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Portrait photos

Finally got around to doing this! Now to print and frame them!

26 weeks and crazy Oliver

Oliver thought it would be hilarious to wear his jacket without a shirt on. Then he thought it would be even more hilarious for me to shoot a few pictures of him showing off his abs after he took a few pictures for me. 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Catching up on December

Yesterday we went up to see the lights at temple square before they take them down.  They were pretty as usual, but Oliver thought they were way sub par since there were no inflatable Christmas decorations. He has come to believe that the best deviates houses have inflatables and laser lights. 

 I asked Oliver to take a belly shot for me.  500 pictures later and I hope this looks good. It is too small on my phone to tell.  I need to take my phone off of the burst shot function when I hand it to Oliver to take pictures.  He thinks it is too cool to see it say that it just took 100 pictures.  I always think he is just getting a good shot, then realize that he is holding the shutter button down until it reads 100. I'm at 25 weeks now.

 Happy 75th birthday to my mom.  Funny story,  every time we go to Eric's moms house since being back from Florida,  as we pull into the drive way,  Teddy says something along the lines of "aw,I thought we were going to the Other grandma's house" or with a little crying "not this grandma!" He now is the one to every day ask to go to Stephen's house or to go to Florida grandma's house. Poor kid, doesn't understand distance and got pretty attached to my mom while we were there.

 The day after Christmas we did a little sledding. We can not see snow without Oliver eating it.

 I didn't really get any good Christmas pictures.  Oliver didn't feel great that morning and because of it we all woke up at 6. so the lighting was bad and all the pictures were blurry. But Teddy finally got his own Giraffa, which he carried around for the first few days after Christmas,  but I'm not sure where it is now...

 On Christmas eve the boys played with transformers and we opened a cool package from Kim's travels to New Zealand.

 We also walked around Ogden Christmas village.  It was Freezing cold,  but we were well bundled.
 At church i tried to take some pictures of teddy for a Christmas ornament for nursery,  but then I had such a hard tome choosing since they all show a different part of his personality.  I chose the top left one.
 Teddy with his cousin and best friend,  Kallie.