Monday, January 4, 2010

Almost our one week aniversary already...

The big day finally came and went and we are now happily married. With all of the excitement beginning to die down, I just have to ask myself: Why did it take Aladdin and Jasmine three whole movies to get married? I'm sure it would help to actually see the second movie, but I simply don't want to.
On December 29, 2009, Debbie and I were sealed to each other for forever! in the Orlando, Florida temple. It was a remarkable experience. I couldn't stop smiling. We have tons of pictures but I am just putting a couple on here now, you can see more on Debbie's facebook page.
We are now residing in Provo, Utah, which, to our dismay, is cold. Why is there not a BYU Florida? Sure, there's Hawaii and Idaho which are basically identical to Florida, but still...

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  1. Three whole movies to get married?! Crazy. I thought they got married after the first. At least that's what I assumed when they were flying off together on the magic carpet. Guess not. I didn't watch the rest. Congrats to you both! Being married is great.


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