Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh, the MTC

This last weekend was, to say the very least, a blast. We first picked up Debbie's parents on Thursday night from the SLC Airport and then treated them to dinner at Red Robin. Because it was Roger's 110th birthday (or something like that) we got a huge chocolate ice cream-cake to split. Thanks for having birthdays when you're in town, Roger!

On Friday we spent the day in Salt Lake visiting Aunt Gwen and Uncle Gene and other family. We visited Randy's Great Harvest store and got cinnamon burst bread. My mind explodes with happiness with each bite I take. Roger had finished his book, "Letters to Grandma", before coming out and wanted to have book signing parties with all of his relatives before he gave them the book.

On Saturday we drove to Dayton, Idaho to stay with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Reed and their family. It was extremely fun for me to get to know everyone. Caroly was in heaven because Aunt Kathy bought a pony and a carriage that you can ride in while it pulls you along. I think she was maybe more excited about the pony than the people.

We played games, ate great food, smelled the poopy cows from just up the road, listened to Aunt Diana's crazy stories and went to church. On the way home we stopped at the Logan temple and posed for pictures in admiration.

And then it was Monday morning. We started things off nicely with a breakfast of squash and eggs.

And then it was off to the MTC with 65 tons of luggage!

Debbie should be a model for the Sister Missionary Mall in Utah.

And here I am telling those missionaries to get off my property.

Debbie and I show how close Romania is to Hungary.

Elder and Sister Thompson showing how excited they are for Hungary.

They will be in the MTC for one week, we will have another weekend with them, and then it's off to Hungary!


  1. hope you don't mind my stealing that last photo for my blog. That has got to be one of my favoritist photos of uncle Roger and aunt Caroly. Great shot! (you'll get full credit on my blog...)

  2. Eric,

    I loved your comment on the video, describing the MTC as spirit prison. I got a good laugh. :)


  3. Great documentation of the momentous occasion. Feel like I was there. Thanks!

  4. Yay! They will be the best Hungary missionaries EVER!

  5. You might not to admit you were flipping off Hungary and Romania on an MTC map, more than a tad inappropriate. However, it seems you made up for it by fist shaking at the bronze missionaries.

    From Emma, who is the wife of your wife's cousin, glad to meet you, and it's okay if we never meet 'cause none of our kids can marry each other anyway

  6. Sorry to disappoint you Emma, but no one is flipping off Romania or Hungary. I am pointing to the country of Moldova. Didn't want to put two arms up! ha ha you know!


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