Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting some chub

 I just thought I would put up some pictures to show how Oliver is starting to get a little bit of chub. It is really cute. He makes a lot of funny faces as well and is starting to smile a lot more.
 Doing homework. He does not like to be swaddled anymore. This attempt above failed to get him to sleep.

 He sleeps really well when you sleep with him.
 I made a moby wrap so that I can work with two hands while I hold him (for the times when he won't sleep on his own- abt 1/2 the time)
 He gets crazy fuzzy hair after his baths.
 This face is a little bit better than all the faces he was making in the pictures dad took at the baby shower.
 Relaxing in the tub. Look at that belly!
 This is a common face. These lips make me laugh.
 You can kind of see the fuzzy hair better here.
 Sunday walk.

 Sleep smiling.
He can sometimes sleep anywhere!

 Eric has to hold his arms at night for him to fall asleep.
 He sleeps with his eyes open a lot.
I'm pretty sure he is sleeping in this picture.

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  1. im in love with him already and i havent even seen him in person...


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