Friday, April 25, 2014

Limited vocabulary

Well, try as I may, I cannot get pictures on my phone of this kid smiling. And as much as hate blurry pictures, these are the best I got. Oh well. These will have to do for now.
So Oliver has a very large vocabulary. He can say probably over 50 words and is saying new words every day. Starting last week, no has become the response for everything. Do you want food? No. Are you happy? No. Do you like basketball? No. So, we just have to read his expressions. Since Easter he has added a new word. Egg. Everything is egg. All he wants are eggs. He wakes up every morning and after each nap saying egg. He won't eat his meals unless he can either see or hold a plastic egg. As you can see in this picture, he likes to take his basketball Easter basket everywhere and play with his eggs.
We have our camping chairs in our kitchen and Oliver loves to put the eggs in the cup holders and plays for literally hours right here.
As for ketchup, it is probably one of Oliver's favorite things. He likes to dip his face in it to get the full on flavor.
Today we hit up the new splash pad in Ormond Beach. Turns out Oliver loves splash pads.


  1. There's a wee smile in the first ketchup snap and the first chair play pic. So cute! Glad he's enjoying the water.


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