Monday, August 4, 2014

Cute little puppies

The Wilcoxes had another batch of puppies and it is always a bummer to me that you get rid of puppies right when they are the cutest. Oliver thinks that they are adorable. Today he just kept picking them up and carrying them to me. He is pretty good with them and very gentle. Good practice for the new baby.

If my phone took quicker pictures I would have quite a few adorable pictures for you. But since there is a delay I only have a creepy one and some wacky ones of him and the puppies. Also, Aurelia was sweet enough to take a few shots of him too. I did get a pretty cute one of the puppy though. See for yourself.


  1. Which one is the creepy one? I'm curious (:

    1. I took it off because it was creeping me out. Plus I decided I would rather have people only see the cute version of Oliver :)

  2. They are super cute. As is Oliver. What a good looking boy. I just saw Wendy's blog and you are looking great too! Cute family.

  3. Aw, he's gonna be such a good big brother!

  4. If you didn't sell them when they are cute, then you'd have a house full of dogs. ;) But you did get some great pictures. Cute boy. Cute puppies. Wonderful mom. :)


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