Monday, March 2, 2015

Teddy is 4 Months Old

The great thing about blogging is that I can add as many pictures as I want!
I always think it is funny when little babies lay on their tummies with their arms straight back like this.

 We've been working on potty training with Oliver. These Buzz Lightyear underwear are his favorites and have not been soiled yet. mostly because I keep getting worried that he will wet them, so I put a diaper on underneath. The first day he did really great. He was willing to try every time I asked. But, now he is more reluctant to try. But today I decided we will try just undies, even if he does have an accident. Hopefully I goes well. I'm sure this will be a long process, but I'm getting really excited about not buying diapers anymore for him.

 Teddy is getting really stable in the bumbo. Here is his church outfit from yesterday.
 Since Oliver is so into Toy Story right now, I have been searching and searching for cheap toy story toys. But I can't find any. I asked Adam to look at DI and he found this Buzz Lightyear for Oliver (and the Toy Story shirt). This Buzz is $45 at Walmart, so, I'll gladly take one with a little marker on it to save that money! Thanks so much Adam. Oliver loves it and won't let it leave his side.

 And as for Teddy, he is now 4 months old as of today! Happy 4 month birthday, Teddy! He was quite solemn for our photo shoot, but at least he wasn't crying. Next Monday is his 4 month check-up, so I'll put an update up later of his stats. As of now, he is learning how to fall asleep on his own, but has trouble in that area 50% of the time. He has really enjoyed sucking on his fingers lately, and it is really cute. But he still loves his pacifier. He is a really sweet boy who loves to take naps. Usually 3-4 naps a day with the afternoon one being anywhere from 2-4 hours (one time it was 5 hours!). Still has trouble sleeping through the night. But every so often he does and it is awesome. Last Thursday he slept from 7:45-7 am and it was fabulous. He really hates the car seat. He cries 80% of the time he is in it, and every time Eric is in the car with us he cries. He doesn't always cry in the morning though, and so those are nice drives.

Also, we bought a house! Once we close, we will take pictures and tell a little more about it, but one thing that I am most excited for is buying a bed for Teddy. I don't think Oliver will be graduating any time soon from the crib, so for a little while we'll have 2 cribs and in the new place we will have space for both. Space! That is what I am most excited for.

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