Monday, July 6, 2015

8 Month Teddy

Teddy is just such a little sweetheart. And he loves posing for the camera.

 He has started getting up on his hands and knees. And you can see by these pictures how proud he is of himself. I couldn't cut any of these pictures, so just scroll through fast if you don't want to see his smooth, adorable little face.

 Oliver asked for a picture too. We had a sick day today, so he got to bring his bed out to the couch.

 And he wanted a picture of himself eating dinner.
 I thought this was a cute progression watching how Teddy plays with toys. It is a daily occurrence. He sits on the floor and pulls everything out of this box. It keeps him entertained for a while and I hope that he doesn't get bored of it soon.


  1. Sick day? Was that just practice for school sickies? Or was the little tyke sick for real?

    1. He didn't feel well and had lots of full diapers. Poor baby. So yeah. It really was a sick day.


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