Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bathroom- First room remodel by Debbie

Well, I just couldn't take it any longer. My remodeling desires took over and I had to get started. I have had the hardest time deciding which room to start with. There are just too many choices! But I finally decided that I couldn't take the dark of the bathroom anymore, or the fact that there were no mirrors that Oliver could see in. So I started with the bathroom upstairs. Since I'm trying to do all the remodeling on a budget, then that means I'm not totally done. It still needs a few decorations on the walls and I want to get a shower curtain. And I still plan on painting the cabinets navy blue. But other than that, I am pretty happy with the results. I wanted to lighten up the room and I definitely did that. It now feels fresh and happy.

Here is the before pictures.

You can really only see the previous wall color in the mirror, but it was dark red and quite dirty and not very pretty.

 And here is my sleepy little helper. Yes, I did let him do a little bit of painting.
It looks a little empty, but it sin't quite finished. The new mirror doubles the light in the room and if I can ever find new light cover that aren't yellow/brown, then it will be even brighter. The painted doors really make a difference and the light blue walls are so pretty.

You can tell by the picture from the hallway how much brighter the room is now. I painted the ceiling too, so it is all fresh. I like it and can't wait to add the last few finishing touches.

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