Sunday, November 22, 2015


Oliver went to a nickel auction with me and so he now has a T-Rex. It is a very good friend of his that he likes to feed. Here they are eating peanuts together.
And this is from that time that Teddy spilled the baking soda, but you can't really tell so much in the picture. And it isn't really that bad of a mess. Really it is quite a miracle that he plays in there almost every day and this is the worst mess he has made so far.
Teddy and Oliver are pretty adorable together. Teddy absolutely adores Oliver. He can only say about 5 things, Oliver being one of those things. He refuses to hold still when we change his diaper. He cries and screams and tries his hardest to get away and he is really good at being squirmy. But when Oliver asks him to lie down he holds still for him.

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