Saturday, March 19, 2016

What once was old, now is new

So Oliver thought it'd be nice to show our backyard neighbor all his favorite toys.  I was worried the dog would chew up all his transformers so we quickly got them back. I didn't realize that he had also thrown over his beloved horsie who he cuddles with at night and often during the day.  By the time we realized though, it was too late.  And the large puppy German Shepherd,  Demón, had already ripped him up.  Oliver was devistated.  I have never seen him cry so hard and for so long and repeatedly for the same item before.

Luckily, Wendy was coming up to get some aspen trees the next day.  The only place I'd  ever seen the giraffe  (it was a present from Carrie) was at the Bean Museum in Provo, which is right by Wendy's house. So I asked her to go grab one for us and she helped us out.

Oliver was delighted.  It is the exact same Horsie, just much more beautiful now and he loves it just as much add the old one.  We are so glad to have new resurrected horsie instead of half face,  no foot  horsie in bed with Oliver.

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