Sunday, June 5, 2016

Final touch

I have been wanting to do this last project since we moved into our house.   But first I had to paint the walls and decorate everything else.  I finished all those other things a few months ago, but was tired of spending money,  so it has been procrastinated until now.  It was one of those moments where I finished it and looked and it looked exactly how it did in my mind.  My purpose for them is to hold souvenirs that I've never had a place to display,  so I still need to dig all those out.  I know I haven't shown a picture of the completed room yet,  but I plan to do that as soon as I fill the shelves.  You might also be wondering why there is only one shelf on the left side? Well, that's because I'm going to put something that I am making right now there.  That will be a whole other post though.  So you'll just have to wait.
And then bonus picture of all three boys in black pants,  white shirts, and blue ties. We had to do a trial run before Gavin's wedding next month to make sure all the clothes fit.

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  1. Looks fantastic Jebbers! Well done. I like the little storage units below as well. Good use of space. And your family is handsome, handsome, handsome.


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