Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Deck #2 and Cranes

Remember this deck? I told you I was working on this one and would give you some after pictures of this one too. I sanded it down a bunch and put on a fresh coat. Looking back, I should have bought the paint that wasn't transparent because not all of the previous paint sanded off. But I still think it looks much better now than it did before. Bright and not peeling. The true test that shows it is better is that they boys like to hang out on it since it is shiny and new.

If you look at the top of the stairs at the pillar/railing on the right, for some reason wasps like to make nests in there. The nests are usually small and not a problem. Well, yesterday Teddy grabbed the pole to start going down the stairs and was swarmed by a bunch of wasps and stung right below his eye. There were around 12 wasps. Then we played outside for a bit and I checked and there were 20. All the other doors were locked so we had to run past. I told Oliver to run past them at the top of the stairs and he did and they still flew over and stung him on his leg through his pants! Poor kids. Eric ran to the store and bought wasp killer and sprayed them late last night. This morning I found over 40 dead wasps and the nest that was inside the pole was bigger than the size of my palm! Glad to have those gone. (the last picture is the day after)

Then there is my other project that I have been working on for a quite a while. My "it's dark outside so I can't work on the deck anymore" project or "I just need to watch some TV while the kids are asleep" project. My thousand cranes project. And no, I don't get a wish for making this. I guess you only get the wish if someone else makes and gives you a thousand cranes. And I don't plan on giving this away any time soon.

Can you see the empty spot where it goes?

 The greatest part was that I finished these cranes and both decks on the same day. It was a very successful day in my opinion. Also, Eric's parents got two alpacas just for fun. They are pretty funny looking and Oliver calls them the long necks. I always think he is referring to The Land Before Time and then I remember. They do have pretty long necks.

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  1. Wow, the deck looks amazing!!
    Whoa, those poor babies! Glad they are healing and could smile through the swelling (:
    What! You made 1000 paper cranes! Crazy! You've been busy....and lovely art installation!
    Whee, alpacas! I think they are fun to look at too. You have some nice and funky in-laws. I like it!


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