Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Toilet Miracle

Ok, so have you ever gone to scrub your toilet and realized that it has a hard water line that just won't budge? Well, I have. I've tried using special cleaners, soaking toilet paper with vinegar and setting it on there, adding vinegar to the water, scrubbing with a green scrubby pad, using dawn dish soap. NOTHING EVER WORKS! Especially not without a TON of elbow grease. So, since I have been so frustrated with these water lines lately, I decided it was finally time to find another way.

I did a search on Pinterest. I have done this same search before, but it usually says something about using a scrub brush, vinegar and not scrubbing too hard or I'll hurt the toilet. But today, the first thing that popped up was this pumice stone that is made for getting rid of these tough stains! I read the review and then decided to give it a try.

First off, these stones are sold in the toilet cleaning section at Wal-Mart and only cost $1.88! I made my boys hop in the car (We stopped to get popsicles as bribery) and we ran over (after I checked that my Wal-Mart carried them, which it did) and grabbed one from Wal-Mart.

Then I decided to take some before pictures. Here is the upstairs toilet. You can see the gunk that I just can't get off of the upper rim, and the gray streaks from a lot of time scrubbing around the water.

 And here is the downstairs toilet. This water line went all the way around.

 Here is what to buy from the store. It is a pumice stone. You get it wet and then scrub. That's it.
As you scrub, little pieces of the stone fall down to the bottom of the toilet. Then you flush it away. Scrub a bit more if needed.

 Then voila! It is clean! The stains are gone, and you only need a little bit of the stone, so you have it for later when that stubborn stain returns.

So here are some before and after pics just to re-emphasize how much you need this.
Oh, and a picture of me in case you forgot what I look like.

You are welcome.

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  1. He he, you're cute. That does look like a new toilet bowl though. Wow! I want one. I'll have to see if these pumice stones are for sale at Big W.


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