Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Three Day Weekend! Lets Make it Four!

For Memorial Day Weekend we were invited by our good friends Ross and Katie Loveland to go to Vegas! They had received a weekend in Vegas in a timeshare as a wedding present and we were the lucky invitees!

We started our lovely trip with a stop at ESPN Zone to watch the final game of Orlando Magic VS Boston Celtics. The Celtics won.

The restaurant was INTENSE and so much fun!

The casinos were full of people wasting their money away and they all had big TV screens for bidding too. Thank goodness for a modern day prophet!

We explored a lot and even went as far as Egypt!

Eric even almost got bit on the head by a snake!

The Coca Cola factory wasn't quite all that it was made out to be.

And the flowers in the Bellagio were still as beautiful and fresh as ever!

We saw France and the Bellagio Fountain water show.

We saw the Lion King Broadway musical.

And an added bonus! We got to see and hang out with our other fabulous friends Robbie and Tiffany Hale!

We returned home to a fun barbecue at a park with other wonderful friends Kasey, Elizabeth and Chad (where we celebrated his birthday also), Carol and Nick and Katie and Sean. The food was delicious. Thanks guys!

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  1. So fun. I miss Vegas. But you're right. Thank goodness for modern day prophets.


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