Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tour of the Apartment

We moved into our new apartment this week. It is much grander in every way. Thanks to those who helped us move, namely: Brandon, Caleb West, Jake Slater, Gio Velez, and Beth Ward. Here is the apartment tour of our new place, plus some extra footage of fun in the snow. Merry Christmas!(oh and as Becky pointed out, it is only 4 minutes- just disregard the last minute of black screen)


  1. Two bedrooms? You're living large now! The whole apartment looks very spacious. That TV is huge.

    *oh and I watched the last minute of black screen just in case there was some special surprise... there wasn't.

  2. Another funny video. E-mail me your address so we can come visit you guys. Oh, this is Ligia.

  3. We love your new place, but we worry a bit about you cavorting around in the snow with that new neighbor of yours! Ho, ho (in Hungarian that means "snow, snow")Clever, clever. Sok szeretettel @: ├ęs "@@"


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