Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shoes update

Well everyone, I just wanted to quickly update you that my new shoes work amazing! I can comfortably run 4 miles in them. Ok, actually I'm sure the shoes could go further, but that's all my body can do comfortably.

And to leave you not hanging without a picture here are some new boots I got. Actually, they are the only boots I own. I have been wanting rain boots for a LONG time (at least over a year) and I finally buckled down and bought them. Problem is now the weather is clear and beautiful. Probably should have waited a little longer. Maybe they would have gone on sale. Oh well. I'm still happy.

And while I was taking a picture of the boots I found some pictures of Abby Gonzales that I never posted with her wearing the cute onesy that we gave her. Oh the adventure of babysitting. Does she look like she is having more fun or me? She is now 7 months and WAY to big to fit into it. But I was happy to see today that Tiffany and Robbie's new baby Daxton has been wearing his onesy.

Oh my! And I almost forgot to mention that right now are cooking the most delicious little thingys ever. They are actually called Chicken Bacon Thingys. Well at least thats what Katie Loveland gave me for a name when she told me the recipe. They are simple and the PERFECT appetizer or throw in some rice and make it a meal! Here is how it goes...

boneless chicken (uncooked)
brown sugar
Cayenne pepper hot sauce (Franks or Tabasco sauce)

Basically I cut up the chicken into little cubes. Then I wrap them in bacon (usually about 1/3 piece of bacon for each chicken chunk). Then you stick the toothpick through it to keep the bacon on (if it is good quality bacon though I just lay the chicken on the ends of the bacon and dont use a toothpick). Put the chicken bacon thingys in an oven safe dish like a glass pyrex. Then I pour honey all over it (as much or little as you like), then pour the hot sauce over it, then I pour LOTS of brown sugar over it. I like to add lots of those last three ingredients so as it cooks I get a yummy sauce that can be used for dipping or putting over rice.

Bake at 350 F for about 30 minutes (really just until they look done and chicken not pink. Sometimes I cook them a lot longer to brown them a little or because in todays case Eric doesnt get home for another 45 minutes)

These are sure to be a hit and they are easy! I make them with different amounts of sauce's and sugar each time and they always taste great.

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  1. Yummy, I was reading about your boots and Caleb came in right when I got to the picture and he said, "who's that?" Haha. Anyway, that recipe looks delish. Maybe you could make it at our next family dinner? =) I believe it's at D&A's.


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