Saturday, March 12, 2011

So today has been a really busy day but I just wanted to quickly put up these pics before the excitement of Romania takes over our blog. First I wanted to mention our faithful bikes. Ferav is my bike. I should have taken some closer up shots but the handle bar grippies are disintegrating, we have to cover the seat so our bums dont get soaking wet and it looks really pitiful, but we absolutely LOVE this bike. I try to ride it to school at least 2x a week and since the snow stopped have been completely successful. It is technically my bike, but Eric and I sometimes have to beg each other for the chance to ride it since it is the better of our two bikes.Ferav has a long line in our family. Chrissy owned it while here at BYU, then gave it to me my freshman year. I rode ferav every day. Then when I went on my mission I let Wendy use him for two years, and now Eric and I share him and love him.
Our other bike Michi Sensei (Roadmaster in Japanese since Wendy's roommate Candice gave her to us and she went on her mission to Japan) hasn't been quite as faithful as Ferav. She likes to throw fits and get flat tires a lot. In fact she got one just this week so now Ferav is our only usable bike. We think maybe instead of fixing the tire we will just look for a new one since she is slow and hard to ride anyways.
And this picture is for Mom and Dad. We live exactly one mile away from where they lived after they first got married. They lived in the top floor and had Carrie while living there. In fact it is across the street from where we have church, so we see it every Sunday. Looks great!


  1. Love the boots. And your bike stories are funny. Oh and btw, Hinckley is coveting your cute onesies. Jk. Love ya. :)

  2. That's so fun that you get to see where your parents used to live! And I love the foreign names that you guys name your bikes. I hope you're having so much fun in Romania right now.


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