Sunday, August 14, 2011

Layton Triathlon. Eric Style.

A couple of weeks ago Eric, Brandon and Caleb ran the Layton Triathlon.It was a sprint triathlon. It was horribly organized and was a weird race where they did everything twice. But overall it was fun and good family bonding time. Eric and Brandon had special outfits of mustaches, cutoff shirts and fun colors.
Almost time for the race!
Getting in the water.
Perfect form :) Go Eric GO!
Eric getting ready for his second ride.
Not too bad of time for having to do everything twice. Transitions add a lot of time and when you have to do them twice, well, you get the picture.
The mustache Eric grew for several weeks to match his brother Brandon. We had to put a little eyeliner on it so it was a little more visible.
Eric crossing the finish line.
Here are all the boys from the race.
So Eric had some pretty long hair from growing it out all summer, but I cut it. But I thought this picture was pretty funny.

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  1. You've seen how my moustache when I was your age would disappear when I smiled!
    Good going.


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