Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ever had your tonsils out?

So I do plan to put up a few gross pictures so beware if you can't stand gross things. But also know that these gross things were festering in my throat for 26 long years!

I was always very proud of my tonsils. They were the largest that I had ever seen or heard of on a person yet I was perfectly healthy. When I was 14 I started noticing that I had tonsil stones. They were gross and to me looked like little brains. Ew. Yet they are harmless. But on October 1, 2011 I started my long journey of sicknesses. Between that date and the end of December 2011 I had 6 sicknesses including strep and other problems with my throat. I took a few sleep apnea tests and it turned out that several times during the night I only got 70% of the oxygen I needed. I was right on the border of being normal when it comes to sleep apnea. Also during this sick period I would have to take out the tonsil stones every 2-3 days whereas before it was more like every 2-3 weeks. So I guess my tonsils sort of just stopped working all of the sudden.

Several doctors told me that there was no way the ENT Dr would take out my tonsils, but when I went to see him he said I was a prime candidate and lets do it!

So here are some before pictures.

Now don't tell me those don't look disgusting and didn't need to be taken out!

The surgery went great. They put me under and I came to a 1/2 hour later without tonsils and minimal pain. This is me coming out of it. I told Eric to bring the camera in case I said anything funny or weird, but I didn't. Eric said that the Dr. was very glad that we didn't wait even another day to take them out. That they were some of the worst he had seen and described them as cheesy. Those tonsil stones must have been taking over!

And the healing process went great. I ate a lot of soft foods but got back to solids real quick. The only rough days were days 6,7 and part of 8. I lost my voice entirely and I had to take my meds a little more often.

The raw skin that was forming from where they burned them out was white with just a little bleeding the first day.

And this is them right now. I healed really fast and I'm sure glad for that! I've heard lots of horror stories.

Other than that I feel really great and feel like there is a cavern in my mouth now. Sweet! It is hard to put my tongue down still though. Also the only strange side effect has been that chocolate tastes weird to me now. I hope that goes away! I love chocolate!

I went to Spokane this week but forgot to bring the camera wherever I went. So someone else took pictures for me and when I get those from her I'll put them up.

Also we got the new Pirates movie from the library and the back of the case really cracked us up. Read the last few lines and tell me what you think? Did anyone edit it at all?

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