Sunday, March 31, 2013


I forgot to document Oliver's first trip to the Zoo. Cara invited us while we were in town and Derek and Aynna and kids came along too. It was a lot of fun. I'm not sure Oliver realized how cool the animals were but he was the best behaved baby of the day, so he gets props for that. But first some other items of business. Sometimes when Oliver sleeps he turns his head so far around. I don't know why or how he does it, but it is pretty funny.

 We ran out of clean pjs so he got to wear this to bed. It was fun to see his chunky legs.
 So here starts our zoo adventure.
 Oh yeah, Hayden came with us too.

 He never noticed the elephants.

 This was Quincy's model pose. showing some legs and diaper.
 And this is what Cambria gave me when I asked he to pose like a model. She asked what that meant and I told her to do a pretty pose. This is what she gave me.

 Derek always looks really good in pictures. Especially when near bald eagles.
 I didn't think they would want to pose so I had to take a candid shot of Cara and Aynna.
 I'll pose any day though!

 Oliver took a nap over at the new polar bear exhibit.

 Family photo.

 This was the first day he realized there is a design on his stroller. He likes to look at the monkeys now.
 This is the pose I got when I told Cambria to laugh.
 The water fountain from Eric's childhood is still there.
 Daddies pushing strollers.
 Quincy missed her nap.

Still looking at the monkeys.

This is the face I got from Eleanor.

 Eric is always entertaining the kids.
 Jonah with the hands in the pants.

Then it was Oliver's turn to pose.

 I think Oliver is doing a James Kannas face here.

 Although Indee didn't go to the zoo with us, we still got a good shot of her.
 Oh and you can't forget my hot model husband too.

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