Friday, July 26, 2013

Everyone Loves Puppies

It's the truth isn't it that everyone loves puppies? Well sometimes we feel like our baby is a puppy. He is so incredibly cute and does such silly things that make us laugh constantly. We love our little puppy.
Gavin, Hayden, and Indee came up and visited for a day. We had a lot of fun.
Carrie also came and visited for Sara Brunson's wedding. It was fun to hang out.
One day I went out to run some errands and came home to this.
Our spoiled little son getting to eat dinner in the living room while watching a movie with papa.

Eric put up a campaign poster in Layton for city council. Maybe one day.
We had a little campout in Layton on Eric's parents lawn with the whole family. The cousins all got together and hung out.
The 24th was Pioneer Day. We went to the park for a little homemade butter and some hatchet throwing. We must have improved since last year because both Eric and I got the hatchet to stick in the wood target. We got coupons for Wendys frosties. We also pet some mini animals, played with stilts, and pulled handcarts. It was fun. Oliver's hair is getting long if you can't tell.
Oliver has been pulling himself up on everything. All he wants to do is stand. It cracks us up because he also likes to suck on the edge of whatever he stands against. Lots of standing means lots of falling. It also means trying to stand in the bathtub. Hopefully he starts responding to all of our nos and instructions soon. As well he is becoming a speedy master crawler.


  1. So, while Oliver so looks like he could be one of Joe's kids when it is just him. He and his cousin's on Eric's side sure do look a lot alike too. Now I'm torn. Does he look like our side or Eric's side? I think I'll wait until he's older to decide. For now, it's just safe to say, he is stinkin' cute!

    1. I agree, Caprene! I don't know who he looks like, but I'll take him!

  2. He is starting to look like such a cute little man! He has grown so much!


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