Thursday, September 25, 2014

A bunch of pictures from the last few months

It has been a while since I have put anything from the camera on. I can't get the pictures off my phone lately, so I guess I have to go back to the old fashioned way of blogging. Here a quite a few updates of things we did before we left Florida and some things that we have done since being here.

Before we left, we had to make a quick trip to Gainesville to see the natural history museum. Oliver loved and and was good at taking us on the fast track through everything.

Then there was the times that we went and saw the turtle people dig up the turtle nests to make sure there weren't any left and to count the eggs. The first time we went was the best. 4 turtles left in the nest ( the second time there was only 1 turtle out of two nests and he was practically dead so not as exciting). We got to see them walk down to shore and then shortly after be eaten by fish. Well, we aren't so sure about the getting eaten part, but those fish sure were jumping and those birds looked very interested in what was going on.

The best part was probably watching dad taking his pictures of the turtles and walking right where they said not to walk just so that he could get his perfect picture. His blog was pretty cool.

 This was at church when Oliver needed just a little bit of entertaining. He took the second picture which is just a little crazy, but this first one is just adorable if I say so myself.

 Once we got to Utah, Oliver discovered how much he loves Batman. He wore the mask around for quite a long time and then Grandma Rigby surprised him with these Batman PJs.

 Then there was last Saturday when we took Oliver to his first real successful movie. We went to the Kaysville Theater and saw "Planes Fire and Rescue". Since it was only $4 for all of us to get in, we also splurged and got popcorn and a drink (Family night out for a total of $9, I'll take it!). He LOVED the popcorn and soda and talked about it all before the movie and all after. He mostly just sat on my knees and was absorbed into the movie. It was really cute. He loves those airplanes. Even right now as I write this and he sees this picture he is talking about the  "airplane movie".

 Grandma Rigby also let Oliver have her clown ice cream cone that she got for her birthday. While eating it we remembered that we forgot Kim's birthday so we turned it into a birthday celebration for Kim. It was a really good cone.

Here is a video we made for Kim 


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