Friday, January 30, 2015

Got my wisdom teeth out

So after a ton of failed attempts, sick dentists, and calling the insurance company a million times, i finally got my wisdom teeth out on the last possible day before my insurance changes.
First we have a picture of my face starting to go numb. The almost before picture.

Next is the after shot, trying to smile.

Then we have me in the car realizing that when I try to close my mouth, my lips are all crooked.
And of course, the two wisdom teeth (both the top ones).
And here is my face on day 2.
And an added bonus: Indee has a CTR charm for her necklace, which is a mini ring that fits Teddy's finger perfectly.


  1. Ouch. Does your mouth close properly today or is your jaw out of whack still?

  2. Wow, two at the same time? That must’ve hurt afterwards. Though at least they got it out in one piece. I’ve seen cases where they had to drill it bit by bit, mostly because of how awkward the position of the tooth was. Anyway, I hope there weren’t any complications while you were recovering from that dental procedure. Take care!

    Christy Hodges @ Smile Designers


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