Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Antelope island With Wendy and Family

Although I usually invite Wendy up with an ulterior motive (he hem, to use her truck), we usually do something fun to make it worth it. Today, when the whole family came up, after eating, picking up wood pallets, and setting up the trampoline, we went over to Antelope Island. None of them had ever been there before. Oliver remembered going last summer and acted like a little tour guide, telling them everything they were going to see. It was super cute. And Teddy thought the place was pretty cool. Every time the camera came out he would say cheese and give a big grin. It looks like I didn't really get any pictures of Wendy's family. They were taking a lot with their camera, so I guess I just didn't think about it. Maybe they will make a blog post.

If you are wondering about Oliver's arm, well the third day of having his new bike, he turned a corner and fell off and sprained his arm. Poor little guy. It is all bruised and he just keeps it by his side when he runs. Poor kid.

Also, it was so cute because Oliver and Ruthie were little buddies. They went exploring all over the place together and just played together the entire time on the island. Oliver just telling her about little things and playing games together. The picture of Ruthie and Teddy was pretty cute. We were leaving the farm and had walked about 50 feet away when we looked back and Teddy was still by the fake roping cows, eating rocks. Ruthie ran back and grabbed his hand and ran back with him. Since he still can't run super well, it was really cute because he was struggling to keep up, but she didn't want to leave him behind.

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