Saturday, April 2, 2016

Portland Zoo and hotel

The last day of our trip we went to the Portland Zoo. It was awesome. So much space for the animals. By this point in time Oliver was finally getting tired of asking if we were going to FL yet. And about half way through Oliver finally started to enjoy the zoo. Teddy liked to eat sand. Oliver never did that. Teddy likes to eat chalk too. You may be wondering why he always has a pacifier in his mouth. That is because if he didn't have it in, he was crying. He is definitely our cryer.

If you were to ask Oliver what his favorite parts of the trip were though, he would probably say our new homes. Meaning the two hotels that we stayed at. The first hotel has a hot springs pool. It was boiling hot and since Oliver doesn't like even warm water, he wouldn't get in, but Teddy liked it. His favorite was the "cold" pool at the hotel in Portland. There was a puddle jumper floatie there and Oliver put it on and went to town! He loved it and swam all over the place. It was so cute and made me so proud. Teddy doesn't do so well in anything but hot water, so he only lasted a little while before he had to move to a hot bath.
After the Zoo we went to the huge Powells book store. It was pretty awesome so see a whole block of books. We only saw the children's section and saw only a portion after an hour. We could have stayed all day. We then went to Voodoo Donuts and each got a special donut treat.
When we got home, Carson (Oliver's cousin his age) brought over his bike and gave it to Oliver. It is really awesome because Oliver begs to go on bike rides all day.  It is the first rideable toy that has made him want to be outside all the time. Teddy begs to go on stroller rides all day, so it is a good combination.

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  1. I loved the Portland Zoo when I lived in Portland as a wee boy in the 1940s


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