Monday, July 3, 2017

More Reunion Pictures

(it looks like the videos didn't work, but you can see the thumbnail at least)
Ok, these first few of Ice skating are not from Florida. They are from the Saturday that we got back. Some free ice skating called for a trip around the rink. And that is what we did. We made it around the rink one time.

These pictures are in reverse order. On our way to the airport. The boys loved their little stuffed animals from Grandma.
When we left Sages house for the airport. They fell asleep before we got to the stop sign. Which to be clear is on the corner of Sage's lot. I am not joking. Literally 5 seconds after we left the driveway.
Enjoying the Bounce house. Well, mostly enjoying watching everyone else.

Watching for alligators while waiting for food at Chopsticks Cafe. I felt very good about our decision to rush ahead and eat. We got our food and ate it within 20 minutes. I felt so bad for everyone else who went in a big group where they waited close to an hour and a half just for the food to get to the table.

The snake that was hanging out in the grass at the Museum in Gainesville.

Teddy fell in love with Allie. She was so cute with him and took really great care of him at the springs and at the museum.
The home that I grew up in. Looks basically the same. Florida, well, Gainesville looked different than I remembered. A lot more grown over. I guess I've gotten used to Bunnell!
There was this sign at the creek. So instead we went to the Brimley's house to look for sharks teeth.

Floating the river was so much fun! I could have done it five more times. But there just wasn't enough time.

Pregnant Wendy mowing the lawn.
Classic Randy with the YoYo for the talent show.

Our tradition of ice cream by the beach. We had Chrissy and Family join us in the fun. I'm so glad that we got to go to the beach as much as we did. I could have gone 20 more times though. I love it there.

Sorry Chrissy, this was the only shot that I got of you.

So much fun at Sage's pool. One of the favorite places of our trip for the boys.

Ice cream in St Augustine (our Flagler place is a million times better).

We went on a Pirate ship!

Kim organized fun games that the boys totally loved.

Mom learning that emojis exist. I wish so bad that I had gotten the first part of her reaction on video. She was SO excited!

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  1. He he, I think she was so excited that even More emojis exist on the ipad than on her phone...unicorns and rainbows. It was perty cute how excited she was to see that (:


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