Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My baby is so awesome! He sleeps so well. To give a few details, he goes to bed at 8 pm, I give him a late night feeding at 10 and he sleeps til 6, then back to sleep til 8 or 9. Last night though was his big trial. As you all have seen in previous posts, his whole life (except for the first night back from the hospital) has slept in his rock and play sleeper thing. For those of you who have never heard of one, they are amazing. Well yesterday we decided that it is about time for him to start sleeping in his crib. So he took two naps in it, and at night we were crossing our fingers that all would go well. And he slept like a champ! When I went in at 6 am he was just sucking his thumb and when I went back in at 9 he was just laying there all happy. I didn't hear a peep out of him all night! I'm so glad that it went so well. I don't know why, but the crib scared me. And the last few nights we have had his bed in our room, so it made me sad to think of having him in the other room, but since it turned out great, I'm happy about the change. I just hope he keeps up the good work. (Before we had him I read the book Babywise and I have tried to follow most of their ideas. I feel like it has helped to keep my baby a happy baby. I don't agree with all the methods in the book, but I like it overall).
Here are some pictures of him sleeping in his crib.

Aren't those huge gloves the cutest? This is his warm outfit. It's PJs that are too big over his other clothes.

His hat started to slide off after an hour of sleep.

Overall, I just can't resist taking pictures of this cute little boy. He cracks us up with his chunky arms and legs and lack of neck. Lately he LOVES to watch TV. If ever he gets fussy and nothing is helping him calm down, just turn on the TV. Thompsons have a hard time concentrating on other things when the TV is on. When he is watching and you get in his way, he tries to see around you. It is really funny. These next pictures are of him in his funny workout clothes. Can you find his neck? Because we can't!

 This is proof that my baby sucks his thumb.
 Lookin' cute.
 Watching a little TV.
 This is the cute face that I see almost every time after he eats. 80% of the time he falls asleep and takes a mini nap. His cute little lips sticking out and body all relaxed.

You can't hear them very well in this video, but it was so cute. Carson and Oliver were just talking back and forth to each other. They were more into it before we brought out the camera, but you can catch a small glimpse of the cuteness from this short video.

 Oh yes, Oliver is now 3 months old!!!
Playing on the bed on a Saturday morning. The first of many videos. These are mostly for me and those with a little extra time to get to know my baby better.

Night time play to get the gas out. So far, no gas has come out.
Pants on the head.
Playing with the rattle
One of his methods for falling asleep.
Watching TV

For some reason he thought that pink rose was really cool.
Eric and his little boy

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