Saturday, May 4, 2013

Having Fun in the Florida Sun

We are having a blast here in FL. The last two days it has rained non-stop. We went out to the land today to see if it was a lake (which it wasn't!) and the new horse trough that my parents just bought (and hadn't put water in yet) had 1 1/2 feet of water in it. Yep. It rained 1 1/2 feet in the last two days. Only in Florida.

Yesterday we went to see the new house that Bonnie and Sean are planning on getting. It is HUGE! It was fun to see it though. I know they will love it. Here Oliver is sucking on an apple on the way down.

 Oliver liked pulling Baby's hair. Luckily she doesn't bite. Brenna looked cute in her princess dress.
 The day before yesterday my parents bought an antenna. I set it up today and this is what happened when I turned on the tv.
 Today Oliver got into Grandma's purse. Pulled out her hat and sunglasses while we had our back turned.
 Today we went to Target to grab some swim diapers and some other things. This week Oliver has made so many changes. He can now sit up in high chairs, carts, and just generally looks older.
 He is a ham and knows when to smile for the camera.
 Got the Horse Illustrated in the mail today. Training him young just like all the other grandkids.
 He hasn't really been so interested in eating much, but seemed more interested the last few days. Tonight he ate Pear and Spinach and LOVED it.
 We went shoe shopping for grandpa and had to try on baby shoes. They looked great, but couldn't make ourselves pay for them.
Those are just a few updated pictures. We miss Eric SOOOO much, but are having a lot of fun. We are loving being a block from the beach. The weather is perfect (even with the rain) and it is like paradise here.

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