Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Pantry Project

I've made a new goal to try to get a project done around the house every few days. I've made a list in my phone of smaller and bigger projects that I can work on whenever I feel like I have nothing to do. Well, recently I felt that way and at other times I wanted to avoid everyday life by doing something new.

Let's start with the pantry. Remember back in August when I did my first pantry project? Take a look so you can remember what the original pantry looked like. A complete mess. Well, two months after the addition of two shelves, it looks just as bad. For some reason we just keep getting more food! So I set off to fix the problem (until we get more food I guess). After I added those two shelves I thought "I should have added a third shelf". Well, when I was at the store buying that third shelf I got a steal of a deal with a fourth shelf that was only 6 inches wide for only $0.35. I was able to add that one for canned food at the bottom and got away with only having to re-position one of the two existing shelves. It looks very organized and not quite so crowded now. Hopefully it can stay that way at least for a while.

Now to reveal another project.
This right here was our old TV stand. I needed something bigger. Something that made a difference in the room. I had told Eric what I had wanted and he came up with some ideas of his own. Saturday morning of conference he found a dresser (I forgot to get the before picture, but believe me it was ugly. Green drawers and light brown and very scratched up). He wanted to try to redo it before Joe and Joseph came over for Sunday morning session. Which meant he wanted me to do it. So I did. I took out the sander and sanded the whole thing. And stained it.  We took out the top drawers and put in another board (Another $0.35 find. It was pure luck).

Then after a few days I was able to sand and stain the drawers too. I really love how it turned out and how it looks in the room. Teddy is a good model.

And then of course there is the bathroom. I never put up the final pictures. I was waiting because I wanted to be totally done, but I'm not sure when that will happen. I still need to paint the cabinets (They will be navy blue) and find a new carpet for the floor. But I can't find a rug anywhere! I'm at a total loss of what to do about that. But I'm in love with my shower curtain thanks to Sage and with my pictures. The flower picture may change at some point too, I'm just not sure when.


  1. Nice job. At this rate, you'll probably have a revolving bookcase/hidden passageway by the time we visit next.


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