Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kitchen Finished

So I pretty much finished my kitchen. I want to add some shelves in the corner, but we'll see if that ever happens. 
So the first picture is the before picture from when we first looked at the house. Don't be fooled, the sliding glass door window isn't that huge, although it is big.
These next few are from since we have been living here. With our furniture.

Then there is the fresh paint. With the old furniture.

Then there is is old furniture with a fresh new touch. That was my project today.
 I recovered the chairs this morning while my friend Natalie worked on making Christmas stockings. I also added a plastic layer to hopefully keep the material from becoming ugly and dirty like the last one became from dropping food out of the mouths, fingers and bowls of babies learning to eat in a clean manner. I used a shower curtain because I didn't know where to find plastic material.

I also put up a curtain for privacy. Make sure no creepers can see in our big kitchen window. Also, since winter is here the sun has been coming straight into that window and heating things up and brightening the room when we don't want it to. So hopefully it will help with that. And I think it looks nice.

 The finished product. For now.

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  1. Beautiful work, i like the light colors.

    And i just noticed you've been married nearly six years now! Incredible how the time swooshes by.


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