Monday, December 28, 2015

Oliver's Collection

I told Oliver that we should take a picture of all of his Toy Story toys lined up. He didn't really respond to that idea. But then he woke up this morning and that was all that he wanted to do. Eric thought that that was my ideas taking over. But nope. I just planted the idea and Oliver thought it was a great one. And after seeing these pictures I'm sticking to my guns. I'm so happy to document his love for his toys.

You'll notice that his Giraffa (also called Horsie and Bullseye) and blanket are also in the picture.
In order: Oliver, animal blanket, Zurg, Giraffa, Bullseye, Woody, Trixie, Buzz, Slinky, and Rex.

Teddy wanted to join in on the fun too. The one where he is holding Slinky is fuzzy, but it is so cute that I had to include it.

Also Oliver's newest smile is he smiles like Bruce from Finding Nemo, and it is the most adorable huge smile that you have ever seen. I didn't quite capture it here, but hopefully I will soon.

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  1. A Bruce the shark smiler eh? Intimidating! (: Olivers legs are looking so long. Growing fast, both of them. I like T w Slinky dog too. That is cute.


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