Monday, May 16, 2011

Lots of new things!

So today was the most exciting day of my life! I ran home from work (one of my ways of getting some of my runs in is by riding my bike to work, then running home afterwards, then the next day I run to school and ride the bike home. Somedays I run both ways. It's 3 1/2 one way) and when I got home Eric showed me a flyer from on our door. We got a recycling bin! Actually its a recycling DUMPSTER! I asked our manager for our apartments if it was possible to get one and we got one! I am so happy!

Then we went on a hike a little while ago. Here are some pictures from that. We went to bridal veil falls.

Look how high the water level is for the Provo River! Its really deep and fast right now.

Next, for my inside garden. Here are one of my little plants from last week.

And then from this week. They grew a lot!

And then for my garden that I worked on for about 3 hours on saturday. I planted zucchini, yellow crooked neck squash, green beans and yellow beans, peas, okra, bell peppers and tomato. Only one plant is not from seed (tomato) because already established plants were too expensive. And the onions in the garden were already there so I left them so that I can eat them.

And last but not least, I splurged and got a 0 degree sleeping bag so that I hopefully won't freeze on my camping trips anymore. Also you notice that little thing in my hand? Its my new jacket! Im so excited about it. I have wanted one for a really long time and they finally went on super sale. Im real sad though because they only had one left so I wasnt able to get one for Eric. Hopefully soon though. Its a rain/ wind jacket that only weighs 4 oz and is perfect for backpacking, camping, hiking and traveling. I hope to use it a lot.

And then here is a picture of Eric from our date night to Nickel City. Eric did really well on this game. Of course he did well on all of them actually. At least much better than me.

Our finished puzzle.

And a bonus picture.


  1. Is Eric sad because he didn't get a zero degree bag too or because he'll now be cold and wet in the rain while you will be dry and toasty on campouts?

  2. How fun:) Enjoy all of your new things. :)

  3. Way to rock the recycling world!

    I'm super impressed by your gardening. You guys are going to have some good eats this summer.

  4. I'm so impressed with your recycling, sleeping bag and jacket! Maybe we can recycle goods after a campout in October when I come visit :)


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