Thursday, May 5, 2016

Florida part 5 marineland

Our favorite beach was at Marineland. It has the white sand up top and cinnamon down by the water. Rocks along the side with little tide pools that are perfect for little kids. I didn't realize that there was a big smudge on my lens until about half way through this part, so sadly you can't totally see how crisp and clear it was. I went in the water too and it was so perfectly cool and refreshing. I could have stayed in there all day! But I would have gotten bored.  We also went to Steak and Shake and had good burgers and mustaches. 

My favorite though is the fish that Oliver found at the pet store for Grandma's horse trough. It has a heart on it's head! SO COOL! So of course we got that one, along with 11 others. Luckily they wanted them and that is why we went to the pet store in the first place. We also enjoyed the first of the season's blackberries. Yum. Teddy and Oliver loved them!

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