Thursday, May 5, 2016

Temple square flowers

We are now back in Utah and busier than ever. I thought that we needed a break from vacations, but now I'm thinking another one sounds good! We made it to Temple Square before all of the tulips were gone. Eric joined a soccer league and is now gone all the time for that along with being gone Mon-Wed night for school which he just started as well. Teddy got stung by a bee. There is a new beehive right at the entrance to of Mike Rigby's garden. Perfect for curious little fingers. Luckily he only got one sting. And hopefully he will now stay away. We babysat a friend's new baby and Oliver and Teddy were obsessed with him. And our neighbors got a new driveway.
There! I'm all caught up!

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  1. Ouch, poor little stung fingers. Flowers look beautiful. Just watched an old fam vid where you play orchestra that jolly little tune...know what im talking about? Your orchestra did a great job (:


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